Unpack What's Inside.

Your brain is a masterful prediction machine, made to thrive in even the hardest circumstances—like today's.

When the going gets tough,

the tough look inward.

Learn Who You Are.

Choose Who You Become.

Don't just breathe through the tangles.

Untangle them.

We'll be the first to vouch for the importance of deep breaths.
But these days life requires more than the lotus position. Our 
CRATE emotional framework trains you to check in with yourself and optimize moments of clarity, so you not only breathe and survive but evolve and thrive.

Start Something.

Change Everything.

At CRATE, we set out to get technology working with – not against – us. We are building an app that's beautiful, fun, and able to reconnect you to your inner voice, so you can discover and direct the person you become.


So, go on.

Try some screen time

you won't regret!

You Contain Multitudes.

(and yes, there's an app for that)

We gathered the latest in psychology research to help you feel and perform at your full potential.

Best of all, we are built to deliver science, delight, and results you can measure.

Give us 2 minutes per day.

We'll Give You a Path to Your Self.


Build a habit of connecting to the person most integral to your well-being: yourself.


Understand how the narratives of your past inform your present and shape your future.


Learn how to make conscious choices, and grow your sense of agency.


Grow trust in yourself by tracking progress and setting reminders.


Put all the pieces together to harness your energy and build your FutureMap.

The crate app not only teaches me about myself, it's helping me become more resilient.

Custom-tailored questions that promote introspection on your own terms. 

Go as deep as you wish or jump straight to problem-solving.

Gain agency by understanding and predicting your reaction patterns: now, soon, and later.

Gather Your Self.

See What Happens Next.

Learn Who You Are.

Choose Who You'll Be.

Your mind and emotions are not separate. In fact, your emotions are constantly trying to communicate through your mind so they can help you survive and thrive. 


Now, more than ever, we need every tool at our disposal – starting with our mind’s potential to clarify, act, and evolve.

We'd love to hear how you are.

Drop us a line.