Learn who you are.

Choose who you'll be!

Learn Who You Are.

Choose Who You Become.

Don't just breathe through the tangles.

Untangle them.

CRATE's emotional framework is for those of us who want more than the lotus position. Our scientifically-validated app helps you understand, regulate, and direct your emotional self.

Why? Because the future You is not set in stone. Change is possible.


How? By tracking your emotions and using them as a path to greater internal clarity, then intentionally choosing what you do next. Ready? Let us help you to not only breathe and survive but evolve and thrive.

Start Something.

Change Everything.

At CRATE, we are building technology that's a beautifully crafted portal to your inner voice.

Think of it as screen time

you won't regret!

You Contain Multitudes.

(And they're here to help you)

We combine the latest neuroscience research with proven cognitive psychology techniques so you can gather your strengths, find balance, and perform at your full potential.

Focus your attention.

Then transform it into intention.

2 minutes per day.

Unlock your potential.


Build a habit of looking within.


Understand how the narratives of your past inform your present and shape your future.


Make conscious choices, and grow your sense of agency.


Be accountable to yourself. Track personality insights and follow progress.


Set a Learning Path and put all the pieces together.

The crate app not only teaches me about myself, it's helping me become more resilient.

No two journeys are alike: individually-tailored questions promote introspection on your own terms.

Shape your future: understand and predict your reaction patterns to gain control over your narrative.

Gather Your Self.

See What Happens Next.

When the going gets tough,

The tough look inward.

Your mind and emotions are in constant conversation, to help you survive and thrive.


CRATE’s job is to decode and track the conversation, so that you can choose what you listen to and what to do next. 

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