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Complexity Aficionados!

This is the app for head-scratchers and clarity-seekers; people who know that the joy of living comes from pursuing the deeper questions.

We see your arched eyebrow. Rational inquiry is at home here.

(Psychology + Neuroscience) x Heart = CRATE

And that's who we are: lovers of the big questions. We are scientists, storytellers, friends, mentors, mothers, fathers, therapists, coaches, artists, seekers, and open-hearted humans.


We are each a work in progress, containing multitudes. Together, we have harnessed thought and technology to give you (and ourselves) the insight of a scientist, the compassion of a friend, and the wisdom of a mentor.

What We Are

  • Real humans behind science-based technology

  • An internal  journey, customized to your objectives

  • An evolving platform, constantly updated with new content

  • Obsessed with your privacy

What We Are Not

  • A replacement for therapy

  • Omniscient: the better you track your moods, the greater your insights

  • Yet another personality test 

  • Data pirates or manipulators (our only business model is to serve YOU)

Choose Insight.

For the first time in human history, our evolving understanding of the mind can be harvested through technology. You can track and navigate the hidden psychological patterns that define you as an individual.

How are your thoughts and emotions interacting to produce your overall sense of wellbeing? What parts of yourself do you want to connect with and develop? 

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