Your Future is Fluid.

So is Your Self.

We build tools that enable thoughtful humans to understand and direct the course of their personality. We know that each of us is a work in progress to be celebrated and enabled.


Therefore, we harness technology to give you the compassion of a friend, the insight of a teacher, and the prescience of a seer.

What We Are

  • Real humans behind AI-powered technology

  • A journey customized to your needs

  • An evolving platform, constantly updated with new research

  • Obsessed with your privacy

What We Are NOT

  • A replacement for therapy

  • Sufficient for someone in crisis

  • Omniscient: you get back what you put in

  • Boring or overly serious 

  • Data pirates or manipulators. Our only business model is to serve YOU.

Psychology + Neuroscience - Woowoo = CRATE

Humans have been trying to make sense of the process of "humaning" since before our very first cave painting.


CRATE draws on

millennia of philosophy,
centuries of psychology,
decades of neuroscience.


So you can be confident that every suggestion we make has a peer-reviewed study (or ten) behind it. 

engage &


Our short learnings are designed to help you increase your focus, discipline, wonder, empathy, and so much more.

what matters

Track your progress, get proprietary insights so you can clearly see your own growth and choose where you want to double-down your efforts. 


Understand how your body reflects your mind—the central nervous system receives emotions as commands. Learn to decode your own signals; excel at internal regulation.

Are you ready to unpack what's inside?

For the first time in human history, our precise understanding of the mind can be harvested through technology. You can unlock the hidden psychological patterns that define you as an individual.

How are your thoughts and emotions interacting to produce your overall sense of wellbeing? What parts of yourself do you want to connect with and develop? 

We'd love to hear from you.

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