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This is the app for head-scratchers and clarity-seekers; people who know that the joy of living comes from pursuing the deeper questions.

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You Are What You Do.

& You Do What You Feel.

Temporary emotions, when repeated, can become facets of your personality. Feel anxious for weeks on end? That might linger as part of your personality even after the acute anxiety wears off.

The good news: The reverse is also true. Now you can steer your future self toward becoming more clear, intentional, and effective.


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What is CRATE?

An app. A safe space. A way to discover yourself in ways you could have never done alone.

But really, what is CRATE?

CRATE is an app-based, self-guided tool for understanding the intersection of who you are in this moment and who you are at the very core of your being. CRATE’s proprietary framework combines the latest in psychology, mindfulness, and neuroscience to help you understand, and unblock, yourself. Simply put, it’s a fast-track to unlocking your own potential.

Is this just another meditation app?

Nope. CRATE helps you enter a meditative state by becoming mind-full, or fully aware of yourself, not by emptying your mind. Where modern life offers distraction from inner turmoil, and meditation offers reprieve, we offer understanding and growth. Even better, with CRATE you can build a practice to begin by yourself, without the need to read a huge stack of books to get started. With time, you’ll become fully mindful and aware of yourself on an ongoing basis. You will start to understand your own signals and codes, and learn how to regulate your internal life even when the going gets tough.

How does it work?

CRATE gently guides you through 5 sections, each designed to grow your understanding of your own mind: Connect - A daily check in. This practice takes less than 2 minutes—and is designed to boost your wellbeing both in the moment, and over time as you can start to decode patterns and trends. Reflect - Spend time here to soothe your mind. Content under the Visualize section takes you on a visualization meditation while Reflect content guides you to recenter your mind around a thought-provoking subject. Act - This is where you put insights into action. Here, you will find content that comes in the form of short reading/listening and simple exercises (such as multiple choice questions) designed to increase your agency, resilience, creativity, focus, and self-worth. Track - Identify and measure your strengths, traits, and personality archetypes then see how they change over time. Set goals and reminders to aid your growth. Evolve - Choose an objective for yourself on a Learning Path—dive deeper into your unique personality and the way you relate to the world. If you are just getting started with CRATE, we recommend spending most of your time in Connect, Act, and Track. Try this loop: Start with a daily practice to Connect with your mood, then move into Track to see how your traits evolve each time you add more information about yourself. Finish the loop by reading or listening to a piece of Act content and then complete the practice section.

What else do I need to know about the app?

Inside CRATE is a proprietary framework for the process of understanding yourself. CRATE itself is an acronym for the five ways you can master the art of the conscious experience, building from how you experience the world externally to how you experience yourself internally. Clarity: the idea that you have the power to deconstruct the present moment
Reflection: creating your ability to develop and integrate insights into your life
Agency:creating ownership over how and where you direct attention and intention
Trust: how to align your path with your deeper purpose
Energy: the heart of it all, creating momentum and physical strength The practices inside CRATE build long-term resilience so that events that may have thrown you for a loop in the past won’t reverberate as loudly. Just like exercise for your physical body, the more you do, and the more often you do it, the sturdier you’ll become.

Who is CRATE for?

Anyone can use CRATE. There are no prerequisites; you don’t already have to be a certain type of person to get started. CRATE will be helpful for you if you are the type of person who likes to discover secrets about yourself, and you’ll find it especially fun if you are someone who is naturally curious about the world and how you fit into it. (And if you are that person, we want to be friends with you, too.) We’re not a replacement for a qualified psychologist and a psychiatrist. While we’d love to be one of your tools on your journey, we emphatically urge you to reach out to a true professional. If you are experiencing debiliitatiing thoughts or think you might be a danger to yourself, please visit Mental Health First Aid or call the National Suicide Prevention hotline at: 1-800-273-8255.

Do I talk to a real person?

CRATE is not a therapist, but it might feel pretty close to therapy (in a good way). After checking-in via the CONNECT feature, CRATE recommends exercises specifically for you. The exercises range all the way from how to increase your curiosity and wonder (read: how to open your creative mind and move into a flow-state) to more brass-tacks exercises in how to reduce anxiety. We use the latest in psychology methodology combined with some pretty cool neuroscience based machine-learning, and you get to do it for yourself without ever speaking to someone.

When will I see results?

Like every true answer you don’t want to hear, it kind of depends on what you put into it. If you really invest in yourself (and we’re still talking 10 minutes or less a day), you’ll start to see the world differently in as little as a few days. However, the essence of what you are doing is repaving or paving new neural pathways and networks in your brain. What you are doing inside CRATE is like learning a new language—you can memorize a few words almost immediately and start to connect some dots (and the confidence hit from that feels really good), but fluency takes a long time. The good news is that once you are fluent, you’ll always have it, and CRATE will be a pleasure to return to, check-in with, and continue to learn from.

What does CRATE cost?

Right now, we’re invitation only. We’re in beta, and so we’re offering the product for free while we iron things out. Our beta customers will shape our product and pricing decisions and receive a significant discount off the first year subscription after we launch.

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