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You Are What You Do
& You Do What You Feel

CRATE enables each of us to notice, track, and direct the course of our conscious experience, so we can deepen self-awareness, maintain internal balance, and accelerate our personal evolution.

Your Self is Born &
Reborn at Each Moment

Noticing and naming how you feel is foundational to self-awareness. Capturing what you are feeling not only increases your awareness of your internal state, it also gives clues to your personality.


Think of personality as the accumulation of your disposition across countless moments. By tracking these pings of emotion – and then summing them up – you arrive at a more accurate portrayal of your persona than any personality test can produce.


Step 1: Track your moods at least three times per week and put words to the emotions you experience.

Turn Attention

into Intention

By noticing and tracking your personality traits, you can decide whether the current version of you is the one that will best serve your objectives.

Modulate your internal state by focusing your attention and intentionally amplifying or reducing specific traits.


Step 2: Tap on any Trait to learn more and choose it as your next developmental focus, or see linked Objectives. We measure over 140 personality traits, such as ambition, tranquility, curiosity, competence, honesty, and more.

Start Small
Change Big

Can you really change your Self in just five minutes per day?

The work of becoming one's Self is the work of a lifetime, but it is consistency and quality – not quantity – of time that make the biggest difference. 

CRATE users who used the app at least twice per week saw up to a 40% increase in self-regulation, equanimity, focus, and efficacy.


Step 3: Choose one recommended trait based on your mood or your emerging persona, and focus your attention there.

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