The most powerful tool humans discovered is neither the wheel nor fire. It's storytelling.


Story is our framework for interpreting and communicating reality. From the narratives we tell, to the pitches we deliver, to the trajectories we set: in career, business, and life, we think in story.


Understanding the purpose and structure of stories can give us an edge when navigating change, contextualizing choice, and integrating conflict. More importantly, story is our roadmap to revealing meaning and understanding how others see the world.




The world is story.

It's time to master yours!


Hi! I'm Dessy Levinson.

I'm so glad you are here.

My Inside

My Outside

I believe that our purpose is to gather truths about the experience of being human and to share them with generosity and vulnerability.


I've learned that creativity is combinatorial and that we see patterns most clearly when we discuss them with others.


I suspect that to a greater or lesser degree, we all sometimes feel alone or afraid.


I know that edges can cut or connect.


Decoding reality through the prism of story has helped me survive, parent, and thrive. I hope I can share some of its magic with you.


I'm a story strategist who uses the power of narrative to give momentum to visionary founders and individuals seeking to make an impact in their career and life. Leveraging neuroscience and depth psychology, I have designed and tested story-based rubrics that let users overcome fear, traverse conflict, and embrace change.


I've been obsessed with story since I was five, a creative since seven, and an entrepreneur from the age of twenty. Since then, I've also become a mother, wife, and venture investor. Most recently, I served as Managing Director at 645 Ventures , where I assisted startup founders with their narrative, and invested in direct-to-consumer brands and nascent technology (VR/AR, Machine Learning).

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Topics of Expertise


STORY FOR STARTUPS: Learn how story structure can help relate your value proposition to investors, customers, team, and even yourself. This talk is for founders as well as sales and marketing leaders who need to convey their vision with clarity and impact.


DO WHAT SCARES YOU: Delve into storytelling as a function of consciousness, and learn how to use its power to navigate change, choice, and conflict. Understanding story structure can help us gain clarity of our emotions, choices, and actions. By discussing personal and professional examples, participants learn how to move toward – not away from – the obstacles they face. Rather than a deterrent, fear can be our guide to growth and meaning-making.


IMMERSIVE POWER: Spatial computing is the closest we've come to asynchronous telepathy. Since the very first cave painting, we've been trying to extract stories out of our heads and place them in the minds of those around us. Now we can. By moving narratives off of 2D screens and into 3D space, we are able to impact memory and orchestrate experience more potently and precisely. Learn how spatial narratives can diminish our illusion of separateness and why VR/AR/XR technology will change how we shop, learn, and relate to one another.

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