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Gather Your Self

You are complex.

The experience of being you — with all of your thoughts and feelings in the present, with all of your memories of the past and hopes for the future — is a magnificent tapestry of neural connections.

You are a system of inputs and outputs, built on a genetic blueprint and grown through a unique interplay of intention and happenstance. And now, here you are: happy or sad, tranquil or excited, curious or already bored.

How did you get here?

Where will you go next?

Whom must you become to get from here to there?

Our app is built on one simple truth:
we can shift our traits (who we are) by changing the patterns of our states (how we feel).

The CRATE Framework leverages Clarity, Reflection, Agency, Trust, and Energy to help you quantify your moods, then translate them into measurable traits you can choose to change.

Are you ready to unpack what's inside?


engage &


Our short learnings are designed to help you increase your focus, discipline, wonder, empathy, and so much more.


what matters

Track your progress, get proprietary insights so you can clearly see your own growth and choose where you want to double-down your efforts. 



Understand how your body reflects your mind—the central nervous system receives emotions as commands. Learn to decode your own signals; excel at internal regulation.

Growth happens at the edges

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