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Hands-on Head of Engineering

Do you want to change the world, one human at a time? It's a lofty mission, but it's the one we are setting out to accomplish by building a humans-first technology business.

CRATE is an early-stage NYC startup hard at work crafting an interactive framework for cognitive and emotional alignment. We combine beautiful design, neuroscience, and psychology to change how individuals relate to their daily experience.
We are seeking a visionary mobile engineer who's excited to become the first technical hire to architect and test our vision.

You will help us build paradigm-shifting cognition tools that allow people to understand themselves and re-write their internal narratives. You will work directly with our Science/Machine Learning and Product/Brand co-founders. The right individual will not only lay the foundation of our digital framework, but also assist in growing and managing the technical team. If this is you, you will have an unprecedented opportunity to shape the company vision as we scale.

About US

We are creating a mission-driven culture that enables us to relate to one another with warmth and transparency. Science, product design, and market strategy are already in our DNA; we expect you to contribute the technical architecture and execution. Two of our co-founders spent large portions of their careers in venture capital and have hands-on knowledge of the complexities of getting a venture-scalable business off the ground. We are backed by prominent angel investors and are gearing up to test our early prototype.

About YOU


  • You have prior experience shipping database-driven applications and iOS apps.

  • You are also proficient at designing client-server architectures and are comfortable handling both the front and back ends of complex systems.

  • To you, both technical and human systems are puzzles worth solving.

  • You are excited about iterating quickly to transform our interactive prototype into a production-ready iOS app for testing and launch.

  • Above all, you are thoughtful, rational, and kind. You are willing to commit to a team that will support and inspire you in return.

About the Position

  • This is a full-time, salaried position with benefits and generous equity.

  • While we'd love for you to be based in the NYC area, we are flexible on early location as long as you're open to eventually moving here to help us build out the engineering team.

  • As befits an early-stage startup, there's room to quickly grow toward CTO/co-founder responsibility and ownership.

To Apply



DM on Twitter

or message Dessy Levinson on LinkedIn


Please include a note explaining why you are the right hire and favorite examples of your work.

We look forward to meeting you.


We believe that creativity is combinatorial and that empathetic rationality just might save the world. Therefore, we hope to build the most diverse and thoughtful team we possibly can. We are supportive of families, work-life integration, artistic passions, and intellectual curiosity. If you commit to helping us grow, we will do the same in return.

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